2 Comments to “March 12, 2011 – Boston Bruins – Shawn Thorton & Johnny Boychuk”

  1. I appreciate James Neal, but don’t see him as an urapgde over any of our top-6. Not at that price at least. Lucic is having a better year, Horton is definitely not doing what we’d hoped, but still has just as many points (and could heat up anytime), Marchand is my favorite player on the team right now, and I wouldn’t want to separate him and Bergy for anyone, and Recchi has more points and provides something Neal def can’t. Hall of Fame experience. Having said that, James Neal would be quite a third line acquisition but Pittsburgh paid a huge price to get him. Goligoski’s a dman with nearly the same amount of points as Neal.In all honesty, when I heard this deal, I more thought of how we couldn’t get Goligoski. Mind you I don’t think Pittsburgh would have moved him to an Eastern team and we weren’t about to give them the forward they need either.

  2. I think it was pretty obiouvs that chiarelli was really all in on kaberle.. i think his obsession caused us to lose more in that trade then we should of.. having kaberle on his brain def. jaded some other opportunities for younger, better long term players.

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