PICS – DGUSA Open the Ultimate Gate – Miami, FL

PICS – DGUSA Open the Ultimate Gate – Miami, FL



March 30, 2012 – Miami, FL

Rich Swann vs AR Fox

Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor confront CIMA & Ricochet

The Scene vs Bobby Fish & Tommy Dreamer

Sami Callihan vs BxB Hulk

Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez vs Jon Davis & Sabu

Masaaki Mochizuki vs Akira Tozawa with BxB Hulk & Christina von Eerie

Johnny Vandal vs Samurai del Sol

Low Ki vs PAC

Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano vs Ricochet & Masato Yoshino

This event is available On Demand at: iPPV

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  1. Jul03reostzombie13 If you can, it would be cool if you could list when the show originally aired.For some resaon Tanisaki’s sweat look goofy on him. Why is Kotoka facing Windows? It’s been a bit since K-Ness has been on tv. Haha, at K-Ness using Sachihiko’s hron to stretch him out. It seems Sachihiko sure knows his way around a pin combo. Dang that stinks. Was hoping Kotoka could ride on Sachihiko’s momentum. An okay match but I’ve never been a fan of Arai.Poor Ichikawa seems so desperate for his joke title. Okay Stalker staying on the mic while spinning was pretty funny. Wonder what Doi’s deal is nervous about shaking Genki’s hand. It’s that darn chant the Jimmies are so proud about. Naruki figured it out. The ref is in on it. Doi needs to put this clown down. Screw the HA GeeMee chants. Na ru ki DOI!!! Genki has the funniest facial expressions. Good spinebuster by Doi, that would’ve kept Genki down for a bit. Love how the pace has picked up. Dang! Genki, really thought this match had more gas in it than that. Poor Doi.On paper this match looks pretty good. Like how Tozawa is right in front of Shingo but he still chooses to go after Mondai. These forarms by these two is vicious. Happy that Kzy’s criss cross running actually worked. KZY got way too comfortable by making fun of Shingo’s oi chants. The combos Shenlong and Shingo come up with are pretty good. Wish YAMATO was a little more willing to work with him. That chair splash by Tozawa was a bit ridiculous. You mean he couldn’t find a better chair? Shenlong slapping BxB like that is pretty admirable seeing him step up like that. Love that screaming shining wizard. That slow motion machine guns chops were great. Hulk almost backflipped himself on YAMATO’s knees. KZY puts too much time in his splashes. So funny at how Shingo looked at him as if what is he trying to do. KZY must have been It shows a lot that Blankey is putting just as much effort against Shenlong as they are the other two members of Akatsuki. What a beautiful german to Shingo. Damn fantastic match. YAMATO is such a jerk ruining Tozawa’s celebration. This match makes me miss the fact Kid used to come to US all the time. Well, AR Fox sure jumped into the match with a bang. Really like how Kid & Fox are acting like a much more cohesive unit than Yoshino and Gargano. I did like the top rope drop kick combo with Yoshino & Gargano. Gargano just seems too slow for the guys he’s in the ring with. Not really a knock towards him. Just has a different style than the other three he’s in the ring with. That missed springboard 450 by AR Fox looked like it hurt. Meh, Fox/Kid should’ve got the ring. Hopefully the gaijin adjust more as they continue.Kanda looks like he’s using a different shampoo. Hopefully they don’t abuse what Kanda/Fuji had but it’s smart to get whatever they can out of the two. Gamma looks like he’s going to be trapped for a bit. Looks like Gamma may already be out with his ankle. The crowd is pretty dead. Usually they’d be more than happy to cheer for someone like Gamma. Fuji gyrating? What an old pervert. Is Susumu really stopping Fuji with a move he planted? That spitting spot Gamma is tough to watch everytime. Not sure if Mochizuki fully connected with Kanda . Susumu’s are has to be killing, blocking Mochizuki’s kicks like that. Now, they get to the heart of the match with Kanda & Fuji. Saito even surprised me with that Dragon suplex. Good ups on Saito for getting the pin after taking so much offense. Jimmys think they’re so BA right now after that win. Even though CIMA compared this to his match with Mondai Ryu, I hope there’s more put into it than that. Tanisaki seems to have so much potential and a main event match like this could do so much for him. KZY is great. Way to take charge in just pulling CIMA out of the ring. Love how CIMA still was able to straight up KO Mondai while he was outside of the ring. No need to do chops when kicks should work that much more for CIMA. Dragon Kid is having too much fun with his whip. Like how the lumberjacks are going to war with each other rather than worry about the competitors. The lumberjacks are treated almost as dangerously as barbwire in this match. Tanisaki lifting CIMA back and forth like that was pretty impressive. I heard that chop to the corner post. Was bad. For sure I thought the cart was going to be used for a nut shot in the corner. Funny to see CIMA dive like that as he was a seal. Why stand the ladder on the outside when it’s barely taller than the ring post. Nice chop combination by Tanisaki. He should make more move than one if that’s his specialty. Not even sure how CIMA is on top but that’s Veteran booking for you.Stupid Qu Qu. I get he was passionately going after Fake Tanisaki but you don’t go after the kings of the veterans . This battle with the Veterans has already been boiling with Kanda at the helm. 12 on 12 should be exciting. Jimmies are definitely the underdog so I’ll be backing them.

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