PICS – DGUSA – Heat 2012 – Hollywood, FL

PICS – DGUSA – Heat 2012 – Hollywood, FL


HEAT 2012

March 29, 2012 – Hollywood, FL

Pre-Show – Mike Monroe & Trevor Read vs Wayne Van Dyke & Maxwell Chicago

Pre-Show – Johnny Vandal vs Maxx Stardom

Pre-Show – Joey Saint vs Shawn Prime

Low Ki vs Bobby Fish

Mike Cruz vs Ricochet

Samurai del Sol vs Masato Yoshino

The Scene with Larry Dallas & Amber O'Neal vs CIMA & Masaaki Mochizuki

PAC vs AR Fox

D.U.F. vs Ronin vs Mad Blanky

2 Comments to “PICS – DGUSA – Heat 2012 – Hollywood, FL”

  1. Oct04Seth The Florida Brothers were fantastic, but I much preefr Iwasa in his role which followed this. Tozawajuku and beyond really showed off his huge amount of talent. Hopefully he can stay healthy and become a huge part of the mix again. As for Mishima well I feel he probably peaked at Florida Bros but I guess we’ll never know. Dr Muscle wouldn’t exactly have been amazing for him.

  2. Oct02ryo saeba BW kicked out Gamma of the fictaon . They teased to kick out CIMA but instead it was Gamma .Mochi retained his belt against Kanda in a 20 minutes matches . Then , Mochi asked for a new challenger and Hulk attacked him to set up their match at World

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